Episode 34 - Speedway Rideday



Glenn is back for this Neutral episode and the ride of his life. We were invited along by our good friends at Illuminated Industries to check out the Illuminated Two Seater Sprint Car.

In this episode Glenn gets to check out the two seater as well as get behind the wheel of a wingless sprint car. The night was put on for Gold Coast Titans members who won a chance to ride in the Two Seater.

Illuminated Industries wanted to not only make the best illuminated furniture but also to be the only company with a unique fully wireless remote controlled light unit, sothey decided to make their own!

Illuminated are the only illuminated hire company with their own plastic extrusion and roto moulding plant and in house mould makers. Their unique light units are designed and made by their own technicians and have set a new benchmark in the illuminated furniture industry.

With warehouses across Australia and the United States, they are the only illuminated furniture company holding thousands of pieces of furniture in stock which allows them to cater for the large events that nobody else can.

They don't just stop at furniture, they also have a bottled water product that rocks.

Plain old water is boring, get your hands on our world first illuminated water bottle with the only LED illumination system like it in the world! Illuminated springs are located deep in the heart of the MacPherson Ranges. The spring water descends and filters through natural layers of rock before reaching the aquifer beneath the bedrock at Mount Tamborine.

Illuminated made this story possible and they also support many athletes, if you want to learn more about what they do check out their website

Website http://illuminatedind.com

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