Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Series One

The complete first series of Neutral

Episode 5 - Historic Formula 3


This is the fifth episode of Neutral.

In this episode Glenn gets the chance to experience what it was like to race in the old days. Mind you he had to endure one of the coldest nights on record.

Damo also takes a look at the reasons why you should regularly check your tyre pressures.


Episode 6 - Toyota HiLux


This is the sixth episode of Neutral.

In this episode you get a Jason double as he investigates if 4x4 dual cab utes are just for tradies or do they have something else to offer.

He also sets the camera up again to watch how drivers behave on the roads and this time its indicating.


Episode 7 - Top Gun


This is the seventh episode of Neutral.

In this episode Damo gets a dramatic make over as he lives out his dream of becoming a top gun pilot. With a military hair cut and flight gear Damo takes to the skies.

In the second half of the show Glenn has a chat with Joel about correct driver position within the car.


Episode 8 - Winter Sun


This is the eighth episode of Neutral.

In this episode Glenn heads to the Gold Coast to check out some old classic cars as well as the interesting characters that own them.

In the second half of the show Damo shows us a few simple checks that we can all do on a regular basis.

This episode also features our first technical hiccup, but we don't think anyone could spot it.


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