Thursday, February 22, 2018

Series One

The complete first series of Neutral

Episode 8 - Winter Sun


This is the eighth episode of Neutral.

In this episode Glenn heads to the Gold Coast to check out some old classic cars as well as the interesting characters that own them.

In the second half of the show Damo shows us a few simple checks that we can all do on a regular basis.

This episode also features our first technical hiccup, but we don't think anyone could spot it.

The Wintersun Car Show is for pre-1974 vehicles only, so FJ Holdens line up alongside XP Falcons as side-burned drivers reminisce about Bill Hayley and the Comets.

The festival began as a local carnival in 1978 and by 1988 had evolved into an annual rock 'n' roll festival.

By 1995, the Wintersun dancing competition was offering trips to Graceland Elvis' home as the major prize and the first Wintersun music CD was released.

The festival continued to grow and record crowds enjoyed record entries in the car shows.

By 2003, the Roulettes were performing their aerobatic routines in the skies over the festival and in 2004 fans could tune into Wintersun Radio for the duration of the festival it has come a long way since 1978!

In 2009, 80,000 visitors attended the festival which pumped some $20 million into the local economy. Despite the event's success, there is continued speculation over shifting the event to a new location due to issues of council compliance and funding.

The music in this episode was provided by Machinery Hill and is from the album "Get On Top" The song is "Escape of the Unwritten"

You can download the song or the whole album from iTunes now by clicking on either the album or song title above.

Our shows opening tile features the awesome artwork of 3Deuce Speedshop. Please check out their fantastic website and support them as have been kind enough to allow us to use their artwork in our show.

These wonderful images were brought to life by the animation talents of Mike Wright.

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Posted On
Nov 03, 2010
Posted By
0 A good idea
Maybe we should fly to some of these car shows.....more aviating and caravating on the show!!!!
Posted On
Nov 08, 2010
Posted By
0 RE: A good idea
That's a great idea, we would also love to do an aviation type event in the same manner.


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