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Series One

The complete first series of Neutral

Episode 1 - Advanced Driver Training


This is the first ever episode of Neutral.

In this episode Jason, Glenn and Damo do a quick introduction then get down to business by throwing to their first story.

The format of the show was changed for this episode as the guys wanted to premier with a longer feature story, all of the Neutral episodes after this one will have a few segments in each show.

Neutral is filmed mostly on public roads so the guys thought it would be a good idea to do an advanced driver training course with SDT to improve their skills on the road.

Joel Neilsen, Managing Director of SDT was kind enough to allow the Neutral crew access to participate in the Advanced Car Control course at the MtCotton Driver Training Centre.

Joel and his team are highly experienced and truly professional unlike Jason, Glenn and Damo. Thanks to the support of Safe Drive Training and Joel, Neutral was able to make its first episode and more importantly give the guys the necessary skills to use on their adventures on the road.

SDT have many Safe Driving Programs to suit drivers of all levels, so if you are new to the roads or even an experienced driver you can still participate in a course to enhance your skills.

If you are interested in doing a course just as we did get in touch with SDT and support them just as they support our show. They also have a great range of education and training material thats worth checking out, just see their website for more information.

Their head office is in Brisbane, Australia with offices in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Mumbai

Phone: +61 7 3801 3222 (inside Australia 07-3801 3222)

Fax:+61 7 3801 5455 (inside Australia 07-3801 5455)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The music in this episode was provided by Machinery Hill and is from the album "Get On Top" The song is "Roll Down"

You can download the song or the whole album from iTunes now by clicking on either the album or song title above.

Our shows opening tile features the awesome artwork of 3Deuce Speedshop. Please check out their fantastic website and support them as have been kind enough to allow us to use their artwork in our show.

These wonderful images were brought to life by the animation talents of Mike Wright.

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Posted On
Sep 16, 2010
Posted By
0 Good Show
I thought I recognised a familiar face when I started watching...(have known Damo for a few years, & a few racing categories around this fair land, Sports Sedans, Aussie Race Cars, & V8 Utes) Good Work Guys! Entertaining stuff.
Posted On
Oct 06, 2010
Posted By
0 RE: Episode 1
Maybe you should rename the show...'Awesome'!!!
Posted On
Oct 08, 2010
Posted By
0 RE: Episode 1
Love the first episode and professionally done... Awesome work and love the humor boys!!! Highly recommend it to who appreciate motoring, flying, hitch-hicking scootering, walking, crawling, or just plain thinking about trying to get from here to there...somehow.


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