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Episode 36 - Opel Insignia


In this episode Jason test drives an Opel Insignia and has a look at the Opel range. Shortly after filming this episode Opel Australia announced its withdrawal from Australia.

We had some fun driving the Insignia, especially around the abandoned warehouse. We couldn't let the footage go to waste so here it is for you to enjoy. Besides these cars are still available in the international market place so the review may be of benefit for our international fans.


Episode 35 - V8 Superschool


Howie gets suited up for this Neutral episode and the chance to get some professional driver coaching.

The crew at the V8 Superschool offered to spend a day with Howie to demonstrate how a driver can improve with some expert advice.


Episode 34 - Speedway Rideday


Glenn is back for this Neutral episode and the ride of his life. We were invited along by our good friends at Illuminated Industries to check out the Illuminated Two Seater Sprint Car.

In this episode Glenn gets to check out the two seater as well as get behind the wheel of a wingless sprint car. The night was put on for Gold Coast Titans members who won a chance to ride in the Two Seater.


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