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Episode 40 - Subaru WRX Concept


In this episode Jason catches up with Sam Hill from Subaru Australia for a look at a special collection of cars, including the WRX concept car from the New York Motor Show. In 2013 The Australian Motor show was scraped so Subaru Australia put together a collection of cars and toured them through Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.


Episode 39 - Isuzu Team D-MAX


In this episode Jason goes for the ride of his life with Isuzu Team D-MAX.

Isuzu Team D-MAX is Australia's longest running & most famous precision driving team, performing over the past 45 years in front of millions of people each year at major capital city and regional shows throughout Australia.


Episode 38 - David Russell, Bathurst 12hr


In this episode David Russell guest hosts the show from pit lane at the Bathurst 12hr.

David gives us on an exclusive behind the scenes look at his race weekend while he joins Roger Lago and Peter Kox in the Lago Racing JBS Lamborghini.


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