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Episode 24 - Mower Racing


In this episode Glenn, Jason and Howie get to experience what its like to ride a mower.

The guys from South East Queensland Mower Racing invited the guys out to Ipswich for what turned out to be experience that they won't forget in a hurry.


Episode 23 - Holden Cruze Fuel Test


In this episode the boys and a few guests spend a day in a Cruze.

Holden say that their Curze 1.4 is capable of doing 1000km on a single tank of fuel. Why take their word for it, we wanted to find out if it could.


Episode 22 - Segway Xperience Centre


In this episode Glenn, Damo and Howie get to experience Segways.

The guys down at Segway Xperiences on the Gold Coast hosted the boys in what turned out to be a fantastic experience.


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