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Episode 46 - Ultimate Drive Singapore


In this episode Jason and Damo check out Singapore's Ultimate Drive. Located in at the Marina Bay Sands, Ultimate Drive offers the perfect self drive experience in either a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider or a Ferrari F430..... or both.

Ultimate Drive offer a choice of cars and drive packages, so you can go for a short spin around the city or open the cars up on the freeways. Either way you will be on the loud pedal at every opportunity.


Episode 45 - Pro Rally Experience


Howie gets dusty for this Neutral episode and the chance to get some rally driver coaching. The guys fromProRally experience invited Howie along to their Rally experience at Willowbank.

The experience shown in this episode was available to the general public but since filming we've learnt that they are no longer offering their services. There are however plenty of other Rally Experiences around and you'll find most of them with a quick search online.


Episode 44 - Volkswagen Passat Alltrack


In this episode Jason checks out a dirt track with the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack review.

Thanks to Volkswagen he got behind the wheel of the Passat Alltrack and spent the week both on and off road.


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