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Review - VW Beetle Special Edition

fender1The Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the automotive world's success stories for over 70 years. With the original and basic design from the 1930s barely changing in real terms, it was in the mind "noughties where production ceased for the original model style.

In 1997 Volkswagen had released the New Beetle which changed from rear engined and air cooled to a rounded, modernised, front engined and water cooled model. Complete with vase and flower it was a reasonable hit and predominantly bought by women.


Review - FIAT 500C Gucci

gucci2The Fiat 500 has been around since the 1950′s and is the brands most iconic model, recently I got a chance to spend the week in the 500c Gucci convertible.

The Gucci as the name suggests is the result of a collaboration between Fiat and world famous fashion brand Gucci, now fashion to me is just making sure that I have the same coloured socks when I go out.


Review - Chrysler 300C Luxury

300c7It's big, squared off, has wheels so large that if they were pizza pans they'd feed small countries and a style that stamps it as definably American. I get my pseudo-gangsta on with the Chrysler 300C Luxury.

It's somewhat ironic that the Chrysler 300C has a similar sized engine to a competitor's vehicle now given the last rites, Holden's Commodore, at 3.6L and V6 in configuration. Power is lineball with 210 kilowatts each whilst torques are a hairs breadth apart with the Chrysler twisting 340 Nm and the Holden 350Nm.


The New Audi A3

aaudia3It is no secret that we love Audi and Jason is a big fan of the Audi A4. So we were excited to hear about the new Audi A3 Sedan.

Only yesterday we were talking with a friend who has already put down a deposit to ensure he secures himself one.

The new Audi is a compact sports sedan, and it showcases the striking and innovative design on which Audi has built its reputation.


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