Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Watch out speeding drivers

Queensland Police have a new weapon for catching drivers that break the speed limit.

Back in the old days before technology you would keep you eyes peeled 1km up the road for the boys in blue, or drivers coming in the opposite direction would give you the heads up when the police were active.

But now the Police have a stealth weapon called digi cam. Digi cam is set upon the side of the road on a tripod (can not be seen) and takes a photo of your car speeding as you go past, then the image is sent to the Police down the road out of site.

When I was approaching the Police line up, with cars pulled over I thought it was a RBT (Random Breath Test) but no there were 4 officers standing in line all with ticket books writing up tickets like it was Christmas.


Latest re Chris Vermeulen's injury

I thought I would just provide a quick update re the latest on Chris Vermeulen's knee injury.

As you all know Chris Vermeulen is a friend and supporter of our show. I recently spoke to Chris who is in Barcelona about to under go a knee reconstruction.

Chris damaged all the ligaments in his knee after a crash in race 1 in Brno. As you may know his original injury happened back at Philip Island in the second race of the World Superbike season in February.

As a result of his injury he will have to undergo surgery on Friday 23rd July to repair the damage. Chris will be not racing for the rest of the 2010 SBK series, but is looking forward to a come back in 2011 where he will be 100% fit in time for Kawasaki's new bike.


Car hire vs Public transport

A recent family holiday to Melbourne highlighted the issues traveling with young kids. Do you get a hire car or use public transport?

I looked into both options and of course there are pros and cons for each.

Public transport allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride and can be cheaper than car hire, but it doesn't give you the freedom going where you want when you want.

Car hire on the other hand allows you to move around with freedom but can be expensive when you add up all the associated costs.


Formula 1 - Turkish Grand Prix

I've just finished watching last nights Turkish Grand Prix and must say it was a good race. I've been critical of Formula 1 in recent years and the start to this year was no different. What I've been most vocal about, has been the lack of passing or overtaking opportunities during races. Bahrain was a great example of how watching slot cars is the same as watching an F1 race.

The following races in Australia and Malaysia were rain effected and this added a little interest to start of the season. After watching the Turkish GP I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the top four runners seemed to be in close contact with each other and towards the end of the race a few passes and challenges for position started to happen.


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