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Spanish GP - El Bobble Hats View

renault9Scorchio is Espaňa, another amazing race with yet another winner this season! 5 different winners from 5 different manufacturers from the opening 5 races! 

Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado took his maiden victory and Williams's first since 2004 in a strategic battle with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

Maldonado, who is in only his second season in Formula 1, won the Spanish Grand Prix after his team outsmarted Ferrari with pit-stop timing. 


Bahrain GP - A Kevlar Bobble hats view....


All jokes aside, there was a German, a Fin and a Frenchman who went to the dessert to have a race!!!!!! O.M.G has this season grabbed your attention yet as it should have.

Yet another amazing race out in the dessert of Bahrain. Who would of guessed that we would have 4 different drivers that have won the first four races of the season.

Vettel from pole took the victory but that sounds like the Vettel of old but it was not as easy as that! The Scot, Di Resta, had a flirt with the lead, Force India' first time up the front. Grosjean also lead briefly.


China GP - A Bobble Hats View.......

news6This has been the best start to an F1 season in a very long time, fact! So far this years drivers title is anyones, the manufacturers title is also anyones guess.

Like most season long sports consistancy will be the key and McLaren may just have an edge there, but I would say that!

So the weekend was shaping up as normal, the Mercedes team were doing there one lap specials, Mclaren and Red Bull were doing normal stuff but someone forgot to tell Sauber and Lotus that they are not meant to be at this end of the grid!


Malaysian GP - A soggy bobble hat's view.....

So F1 came alive in Sepang. Dear Bernie can we have rain every week?

A Red car won and we had nine different teams in the top 10, covered by only 50 seconds,now thats what F1 should be like.

2012 has started in a big way 75% of manufacturers have points already. Bernie will have a big freight bill next season. I have not even mentioned a bloke called Sergio Perez, no not a porn star but second on the podium this week.


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