Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Review - SSV VF Commodore

ssv6While some people might say the VF is just a face lift of the VE, that is definitely not the case while the outside from the front end complete with chrome highlights and integrated DRL’s, bigger fender vents, to the new rear lip spoiler (High rear wing is now an option), darkened tail lights, quad tipped exhaust and 19inch rims give the VF SSV a new aggressive look.

The bright Orange paint work is new colour to Holden’s colour chart and is called Fantale to say this is my eldest Daughter Madie’s favourite car out of all the car’s I’ve reviewed is an understatement she absolutely loves it


Review - Fiat 500 Pop

fiat-500-11957 was a watershed year; it saw the launch of Sputnik and thereby frightening the pants off the Americans.

The unleashing of the raw talent of “The King” with Jailhouse Rock and Italy proved beyond doubt that small things DO come in small packages with the release of Fiat’s Nuova 500 (the new 500) but lovingly known as the Bambino.


Review - HSV’s ClubSport R8 Enhanced

clubsport05A certain car magazine recently bemoaned that drivers will miss out in coming years, with the change to more technological features in our chosen chariots. Ripping up a handbrake lever to drop a skid on the tarmac or dirt, for example, or fiddling around with cassettes whilst hanging onto the steering wheel with one hand and a ciggie perched between the lips. But there’s more that we’ll miss out on. I’ll explain later as I look at the last of a breed: Holden Special Vehicle’s ClubSport R8 Enhanced.


Review - Jaguar F-Type

jag4Moments in history happen once. Invariably the huge majority slide on by with no impact on humanity but occasionally they leave an indelible mark. In 1961, just as the "Swinging 60s" was just getting into stride, a British automobile manufacturer released upon an unsuspecting motoring public a gem called "the most beautiful car in the world", by Enzo Ferrari.


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