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Review - FIAT 500C Gucci - Page 3

gucci1Safety wise the all Fiat 500′s received a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating and are full of safety features including 7 airbags, ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, ASR to limit wheel spin during acceleration, MSR to modulate brake torque while changing down and ESP. The ESP system also incorporates hydraulic brake assistance and a Hill Holder function. While it looses some points for not having a reverse camera it does get some back for having reverse sensors.

Having the convertible top was fun as well while I didn't use it a lot specially during the hot days since I will burn in 5 minutes in the sun, it was great to cruise home at night with the top down and was really nice having the top down enjoying a fabulous Aussie summers evening when my wife and I went for a drive.

I was was really impressed with the Fiat 500c Gucci convertible, it's a fun car to drive, packed full of safety features and will return excellent economy, the convertible top let you enjoy to feeling you get driving with the top down. Sure it does have it's down sides the dual logic transmission while it works great most of the time can be a little slow during gear changes in auto mode and while does have 4 seats I think you would hard pressed to fit 4 people in it.

gucci9Now the Gucci model does sit at the top of Fiats 500 range so as you would expect you pay that little bit but it's only a touch over $25,000 for the auto model so really it isn't going to break the bank, plus you get a decent amount of kit for your money, plus you get that awesome little 1.4L turbo.

If you your after a small car and want something that stands out from the rest, offers you great economy a fabulous drive and has those little bits extra like the great stereo system, comfortable leather seats and the experience of driving with the top down then you should definitely take the Fiat 500 Gucci for a spin.

[This blog \ review was published with aproval by Wayne Lancaster of 3 on the Tree, you can read more of Wayne's reviews at 3 on the Tree]

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