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Review - FIAT 500C Gucci - Page 2

gucci18The best thing about the engine is it really loves to rev and offers a really rewarding driving when driven spiritedly and being a Fiat the exhaust note is fantastic Fiat make some of the worlds best sounding engines and I found myself driving with either the stereo turned down or off just so I could listen to the engine.

It also has a sport function which when pressed gives the car a more responsive pedal and increases the the steering weigh which adds to the experience tell you the truth I liked the extra steering feel and engine responsiveness and spent most of the week in sport mode.

I did test it out going up a hill and there is a very noticeable difference between normal mode and sport, while in normal mode the car would keep the same speed up the hill but pressing the sport button the revs would rises and you could feel the car wanting to accelerate more.

Economy wise this car is fantastic during the week I returned 8.8L/100 km yes I know I was way off from the official urban figures of 7.1L/100km for this car, but like every car I review I don't test them to get every ounce of economy from them I drive them like I would if I owned the car.

gucci15Yes I'm sure you could get way better economy from it then I did but I can guarantee you wouldn't be having the same amount of fun I did driving during the week. for those of you hell bent on getting the best economy possible the car does have an economy mode as well.

The 1.4L engine is backed by Fiat Dualogic clutchless manual gearbox which has full automatic mode, transmission with selectable fully automatic mode.

Basically it's manual without a clutch pedal, the gearbox offers drivers either the choice of driving in manual mode where you change the gears yourself or auto mode where it behaves like a normal auto transmission. I found manual mode was the best to take advantage and explore that wonderful engine, but auto mode was great for just tooling around in traffic.

One thing I noticed which was though being a clutchles manual the gear box was a touch jerky in auto mode just in the fact there would be a slight drop in revs in between gear changes, but I did find that taking my foot off the pedal during changes got rid of that with auto and sport both engaged I found the gear changes were really quick.

gucci17My choice would be if I was driving for economy or just tolling along in traffic auto mode would be the go but if you wanted to pick up the pace a little then use manual mode essentially it gives you 2 gear boxes in one an auto when you want an auto but then manual when you want to change gears yourself.

Handling wise the Gucci like most Fiat handle great I did find it a touch firmly sprung . On smooth roads it rides awesome but as the road deteriorates so does the ride not to point where it's uncomfortable or annoying but you do notice the bumps a lot more then say in the Fiat Panda I drove the week before part of the reason could be due to the car small wheel base the ride though did mean it was more fun to drive then the Panda. The two mode electric power steering offers great feel and is extremely responsive.


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