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Review - FIAT 500C Gucci

gucci2The Fiat 500 has been around since the 1950′s and is the brands most iconic model, recently I got a chance to spend the week in the 500c Gucci convertible.

The Gucci as the name suggests is the result of a collaboration between Fiat and world famous fashion brand Gucci, now fashion to me is just making sure that I have the same coloured socks when I go out.

So I thought the green red green stripes across the top were just a subtle way of adding Italian flag colours to the car, it took my good wife to point out they were Gucci's signature colours. Now you can't miss the fact Gucci had something to do with this car apart from the stripes across the roof, the Gucci badges, GG on the rim centre caps, even Gucci green brake callipers.

It only comes in 2 colours black and the beautiful glossy white pearl that this car is painted in, the paint work even has glass beads in it to make it "shine like a gem" and really makes the Gucci stand out from other Fiat 500 convertibles.

Looking at the current model you can't help but see the original Fiat 500, this car has really stayed close to it's roots as far looking like the original 500.

gucci11Gucci hasn't just waved it's magic on the outside but you would expect they have done the inside as well, the seats belts are green red green, the front and rear two tone leather seats features Gucci stripes and really look good. The front are comfortable for a small car although there's limited adjustment I was easily able to find a comfortable driving position.

For such a small car it has reasonable leg room the downside to this is that while this car does have a back seat I think you would be extremely had pressed to get anyone in there I'm only 5'10" and both of my kids could get behind the drivers seats.

The two tone leather steering wheel is comfortable to hold features buttons for the audio and voice recognition system, while Gucci may have had a part in the design of the car the dash is still Fiat 500c so there is expanse of hard plastics but it does have velvet effect to it and it adds a great contrast to the white.

The instrument panel is retro designed and looks a lot like the original 500 round set up, the Speedo is around the outside with the rev counter inside in the centre is an LCD screen which displays information such a the fuel economy.

gucci7The centre of the dash features the Interscope Sound System which is stand fit to the Gucci, this system was apparently designed specifically for the Fiat 500 and has a 30-watt amp, six speakers and a 100-watt subwoofer. The system does offer great sound but to tell you the truth I didn't really explore the limits of the system too many times during the week because of the wonderful sound track coming from the exhaust.

Under the bonnet The Gucci is powered by Fiat awesome little 1.4L turbo engine developing 74Kw of power and 131 nM of torque and while that it doesn't look that much on the paper the engine really gets the Fiat along. I find the engine is very tractable for such a little engine it will easily keep up with traffic and gets up to highway speeds with easy as well.


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