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Gran Turismo 6 - Bathurst Concept Movie

gt6If you are like us and have a passion for cars, you already know how fun "just driving" is: your vision blurring with speed, the vibrations telling you the texture of the road, the pitch of the tyres screeching. Just driving on a track by yourself, there is a world of drama waiting for you.

We have played GT5 to death on PlayStation in our race sims and we love not only the stunning graphics but the awesome online game play. Many nights have seen us racing till the early morning. One of the best features we love is the ability get additional content online. For example we have owned a copy GT5 for years but when the Toyota 86 came out we were able to add that car ingame. 

From famous world circuits like the Nürburgring, to the beautiful sunsets of the Tuscan hills, to a neon-lit original Kart course: Gran Turismo has continued to recreate wonderful tracks, and in doing so it also generated stories of your drive.

Now for the exciting news, Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation will introduce new locations where the drama will continue to unfold: the Goodwood Hill Climb course, a very exclusive track that only a few selected guests had experienced until now, is recreated for the first time in a video game; the Silverstone Circuit, the holy ground of the GT Academy that nurtured gamers into professional racing drivers; and the legendary Brands Hatch of UK fame, for a total of 7 new tracks included at launch. No matter if you're driving alone or if you are challenging rivals, GT6 will set the stage for your new drama.

Below is a concept video from GT6 showing Mount Panorama in stunning detail. We cant wait to get our hands on this game.

Mount Panorama

For the first time in the history of "Gran Turismo", a course from Oceania will be appearing in-game: an Australian racing circuit known for popular races like the famous "Bathurst 1000". The course combines extreme climbs and descents as well as a long straightaway, and is 6.213km (4 miles) long. With very little run off area all around the track, mastery of this course will take some serious concentration. Concrete walls close in on you in the mountainous section, creating moments of high tension for the drivers brave enough to challenge the track. Speeding through its tight corners will require all your attention, in order to be on the load balance of all four tyres.

This is a sponsored post but opinions are our own.

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