Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Australian & Underground FMX Championships Round 3

fmxPeople often ask us why we have a show and website called Neutral Car Show when we feature so much more than just cars. Here is the answer... the show was called Neutral when we started but all the domain names for Neutral were taken. So we went with Neutral Car Show becuase much of our content is car related, but we adopeted the tag line "It's so much more than just a car show".

We have featured stories on cars, bikes, planes, simulators, karts even segways and last year we featured a story on motorcross. During the week we got a message from our good friend Steve Sommerfeld who is an Australian FMX ledgend. Steve invited us out to Boonah just over an hour out of Brisbane to attend the 3rd round of the Australian & Underground FMX Championships.

We have seen FMX demonstrations at a number of events before but never had the oppertunity to attend an event dedicated to FMX, so we jumped at the chance.

If you have never been to Boonah then let me discribe the area, beautiful Aussie country side and the perfect surrounds for an FMX event. The guys have created a world class FMX track only a few minutes out of town across the road from the glider airfiled.

The course is set amonst the trees next to a dam with a massive paddock which is perfect for spectators and the assorted vendors. Massive RedBull marque provides some shade for the fans and complements the giant inflatable redbull arch.

The qualifying and knockout format coupled with the best of the rest and a few other comps ensures there is always something happening to keep the fans entertained.

In the end there could only be one winner and that was Matt Schubring, 2nd place Callum Shaw, and 3rd place Joel Brown. Joel was sitting with both his feet in ice buckets all day as he had busted his ankles. He made it all the to the final three but had to withdraw due to his injurys.

It was a great day out and I highly recommend that you should get yourself along to a future event.

Enough talk, below is a video we threw together of the event. Enjoy.

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