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Review - Peugeot 308 Allure Diesel Hatch - Page 2

 pug6The centre stack contains the audio system and a small amber monochrome info screen at the top which displays audio info and other functions this via the buttons on the stereo. (SatNav is an optional extra)
The audio system is very easy to use the Bluetooth function was exceptionally easy to use and made connecting my phone really painless.
I did find the sound from the stereo one of the best I’ve sampled, I have a very eclectic music collection which goes from soft stuff like Billy Joel to thrash metal like Slipknot and all my music sounded great on this system.

While the system is easy to use I do feel the small amber screen and no touch screen brings down the up market feel.
The dual zone climate control works well and is easy to use, my daughters specially my eldest Madie got a huge kick out of being able to turn the seat warmers right up and then turn the aircon on her side up to 28 to keep her feet warm.
I do like the amber lighting the centre stack buttons have and it looks real nice at night with everything lit up.

The rear seat leg room is not bad but it’s not exceptionally amble, I have the driver’s seat back a bit and I can sit behind the seat without my knees touching but only just, I think anyone taller than me would have some issues.
I did find the back seat base a little hard but my kids spent more time in it then me and they didn’t complain about it in fact they said it was comfortable.

The boot space is ok because it’s a hatch and it does open up more when you fold down the back seats.
The 308 is not the biggest small car running around and you can feel on the inside as it doesn’t seem to have as much room on the inside as other small cars I’ve driven.

Under the bonnet the little Pug is powered by a 2.0L Turbo Diesel rated at 120kw and 340nm of torque. The engine seems to be a little more refined then some diesels I’ve driven but there is not much in it.

pug16The engine develops its torque low down in the rev range and it really can get along rapidly once you get some revs on board, the exhaust system is muted but has a nice note to it as well.

Fuel economy over the week hasn’t been too bad at all as you would expect from a diesel engine. When I got in it the life time fuel economy readings on the dash read 7.8L/100km at 31kph which suggests to me it can be reasonably economical but it depends on the situation as well.

Regular readers will know that fuel economy is not a strong point of my reviews because most of the driving I do is either short trips or bumper to traffic. Tooling around at the beginning of the week where my ave speed had dropped to just 11km/h the economy was on 18l/100km but as soon the ave speed went up a little the fuel economy started to come down by the time I handed it back it was displaying a quite good 6.8L per 100km.

On the freeway it lopes along very easily and the economy figures were rather good indeed.

During my test loop the it averaged 5.8L/100km at an ave speed of 58kph, it was very weird to watch the distance to empty figures rise from 450km til to 620km til empty 170km later. The diesel engine is quite fun to drive once get a couple of rev’s on board off  the mark it’s a bit slow but as the turbo spools it doesn’t take long for it to get going.

The auto transmission on the other hand has a bit of Jeckle and Hyde personality, leaving it drive it works pretty well the changes are smooth and it kicks down when require. Queue Mr Hyde flicking the shifter to the left puts the transmission in manual shift mode and I found it a very unrewarding experience indeed.


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