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Review - Peugeot 308 Allure Diesel Hatch

pug1Normally I am a little excited when I pick up a car to review but I was a little more excited than usual when picked up the Peugeot 308 Allure hatch as this was the first non GM related car I’ve ever had to review.

First impressions of the 308 was I didn’t mind the look of it at all the sloping front end gives it a somewhat sporty look, while with some cars these days the lights look out of proportion with the rest of the front giving the car a bug eyed look.

 The 308’s light look perfect fit for the front end which to me enhances the look.

There’s a subtle line running down the flanks of the car towards the rear which the a nice slightly angled look to it, which lead down to the slightly rounded rear end.

The 308 Allure comes with 17inch Alloy rims wrapped in sticky Contisports tyres look very nice and really add to the somewhat sporty appearance over all.

The Allure comes with a panoramic glass roof which proved to be a great source of amusement for the kids, everytime they got in it I had to open the electric sliding blind so they could watch the world go by. I do admit it was kinda cool looking at things through the roof. But I was thankful for the electric blind as even on 21deg C day the direct sun coming through it was a bit hot.

Stepping inside for the first time and the Peugeot gives off a somewhat up market feel to it, easing myself into the leather driver’s seat (which actually feels more arm chair then car seat) I am welcomed by nice soft cushy seat.

pug5The seats are somewhat supportive (I would have liked a little more support on bolstering for cornering), but oh my god they were comfortable.

The front seats are electrically adjustable which makes it damn easy to find the perfect position, best thing about it is there is a memory function for 2 settings so you wont ever loose that position if somebody else has a drive, the front seats are also heated via a small knob on the side of the seat and works really well indeed.

The dash is covered in textured soft feel material, combine that with the black piano finishes the Peugeot gives off a classy hue. I found it set out rather well, the instrument panel contains white faced gauges with an amber chrome info screen in between.

The dials lights are lit in white light at night and are easy to read, however I did find them a little confusing at times because they are numbered rather unconventional to most other cars I’ve driven, being that it’s numbered with uneven numbers instead of even ones there is also a lack of a digital speedo which would of made things a little easier.

As at times I had to glance a fraction longer at the speedo then I normally do to make sure what speed I was doing specially when approaching speed cameras.

The flat bottomed leather bound steering wheel has very nice feel and comfortable to hold but I find it a touch thick for my liking, also while the rims on most steering wheels are round this steering while flat sides which take a bit to get use too.

One thing you will notice when you look at the steering wheel is it’s devoid of buttons, instead of using steering wheel buttons like most manufacturers do Peugeot have the audio and cruise functions on 2 stalks behind the steering wheel which to be honest a pain in the butt use at first, however once you’re use to them they ok one other thing is the buttons on both stalks are hard plastic and cheap and flimsy feeling, Every time I used them I tried to press them softly as I was afraid of breaks them.

On a whole while they do become easy to use I didn’t find them as easy to use as the steering wheel buttons most other cars I driven have.


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