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Smart Remote Start System

A remote vehicle start feature is available on all VF models with automatic transmission.
It seamlessly integrates with anti-theft and passive entry systems.

holdenvf6Smart Remote Start operates via key fob activation from as far away as 100 metres.
It not only starts the vehicle but also activates the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, which will operate at the ‘last known’ fan and temperature setting.

Remote Start is also able to activate the heated front seats.

Rear Seat Belt Reminder

VF Commodore sedans and Sportwagons are equipped with a rear seat belt indicator feature that notifies the driver, via the Driver Information Display in the instrument cluster, about the status of the rear seat belts.

Particularly useful as a ‘child minding’ safety back-up feature, the system allows the driver to check that rear seat occupants are buckled in before departure.  It will also alert the driver if a belt is unbuckled in transit. The system operates via belt buckle switches which register rear seat occupants. Once a seat belt is buckled, the corresponding seat belt reminder indicator will illuminate in green on vehicles with colour graphics, or in monochrome.

If a rear seat occupant unbuckles the seat belt during the same ignition cycle, the rear seat belt reminder chime will sound and the rear seat belt indicator will illuminate red [or monochrome] in full screen mode.

The rear seat belt reminder will remain illuminated until the belt is re-buckled or the ignition is turned off.

Power Heated Seats

Eight-way powered and heated driver and front passenger seats are standard on Calais V. Front heated seats offer three comfort levels: low, medium and high.  

The system is designed for quick warm-up and uses an electronically controlled heat pad integrated into the seat cushion and back. Heated seats are actuated via a control located on the centre console and the selected setting is identified in the colour touch-screen display. 

For optimal comfort and support, the seat can be adjusted via independent front and rear tilt, seat fore and aft position and seat back tilt.

The power seats also feature a memory feature that can save and recall three settings for the driver seat and exterior mirror positions. The vehicle will automatically save these positions to the current driver’s remote keyless entry transmitter/key fob. When the unlock action is commanded, the powered seat and both exterior mirrors will manoeuvre to previously stored positions as required.

The memory buttons located on the driver door above the armrest can also be used to manually save and recall memory settings for the same functions.

Reverse Tilt Exterior Mirrors

When reverse gear is selected, the exterior passenger rear view mirror will tilt down automatically to give the driver a better view of the kerb when parking and show any obstructions.  After shifting back into park or drive, the mirrors return to the previously adjusted position.

Exterior mirrors are also heated, to provide optimal clarity in cold conditions.

Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)

Apart from their obvious good looks, Commodore’s LED Daytime Running Lamps are designed to improve road safety by making the vehicle more conspicuous to other vehicles and to pedestrians.

holdenvf7Daytime Running Lamps, on all models other than Evoke, function when Auto lighting is selected during daytime ambient light and illuminate when engine is turned on. It’s estimated that up to 45 per cent of all accidents occur because of perception and recognition errors such as misjudging another vehicle’s speed or not seeing the other vehicle soon enough. 

Over the years, studies in several countries [United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland] have shown that measures such as Daytime Running Lamps can significantly reduce daytime collision incidence.

Reversing Camera

Standard across the VF range, the rear view camera is a practical aid for reversing in tight spots and a great preventative safety feature. When the driver selects reverse gear, colour video of objects in the area directly behind the car is displayed on the large colour touch-screen in the centre console. The rear vision camera overrides all other screen displays until transmission is moved out of reverse.

Front and Rear Ultrasonic Park Assist

Specified on every VF model including the Holden Ute, this popular parking aid uses eight sensors integrated into front and rear fascias which sequentially send out ultrasonic waves when the vehicle is driven at low speeds.

When an object is detected, warning chimes sound, varying in intensity according to its proximity.  A symbol indicating the position of the object is also displayed in the colour touch screen on the top of the reversing camera image.

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