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The Most Advanced Car Created in Australia

holdenvfThere has been a lot hype around the new VF Commodore and for good reason. For many years foreign cars showed the way with innovation and it seemed as though local cars were always playing catch up. This made sense because the technology cost more and we demand affordable cars.

Holden has changed the game with a brand new VF Commodore that is not only full of advanced tech it is also well priced.... very well priced.

VF delivers more advanced-technology features than any vehicle in Australian automotive history – making it the most technologically advanced car ever created in Australia.

Holden Director of Electrical Engineering, Jo Markham, said the new architecture contributed to VF Commodore’s exceptional safety and security.

“When it comes to safety, Holden is committed to providing protection before, during and after a collision, but the best scenario is to avoid that collision in the first place. Much of the new technology we’ve added is designed to help drivers do just that – to prevent an accident from happening,” she said

“To make Commodore even easier to drive and manoeuvre, we’ve also made cutting-edge features like Auto Park Assist and a rear view camera standard across the range. It’s all about convenience, visibility and awareness.

“Some models feature rear radar alerts to warn about cross traffic when you’re reversing into a roadway, or to show you what’s in your blind spot, or forward cameras to warn if you start to stray out of your lane, or are in danger of a collision. 

“And for easy walk-up, start-up convenience, it’s hard to beat a sensor system which lets you unlock and start the car without having to touch the key.”

holdenvf1Auto Park Assist

The cutting edge capabilities of Auto Park Assist make it one of the most advanced systems in VF Commodore’s formidable new armoury.

Like Holden’s new MyLink infotainment system, Auto Park Assist is included as standard  across the VF range so every buyer can appreciate the benefits of this efficient parking assistant.

Auto Park Assist takes the guesswork out of reversing into tight spots.  It’s a great tool for drivers who may be hesitant about trying to squeeze into a narrow slot or who are reluctant to attempt challenging parking manoeuvres on busy streets.
Using ultrasonic sensors, Auto Park Assist accurately detects viable parking spaces, determines approach angles and neatly parks the vehicle by taking over the steering. 

The driver manages throttle, braking and transmission but effectively the vehicle steers itself into any suitable reverse parallel or reverse right angle (90-degree, or perpendicular) parking space.

Advanced parking mode is activated by pressing a control on the centre console, the ultrasonic sensing system then determines if a space is large enough.

It measures the depth and width of a possible parking space as the vehicle drives past (parking slot searching speed is up to 30 km/h).

With the space identified and the driver notified via an audible alert and on the Driver Information Display, Auto Park Assist  then handles all the steering inputs required to park the car, simply and safely.  The driver remains in control of the vehicle, applying the accelerator or brake and making gear changes in response to instructions displayed in the Driver Information Centre in the instrument cluster.  

The 10-sensor system (six sensors on the front bumper and four on the rear) is facilitated by Commodore’s all-new Electric Power Steering system. It operates at speeds below 10 km/h and can be instantly de-activated if the driver takes over the steering or brakes to a stop.

The Holden Commodore is among the first GM vehicles in the world - and the first large GM car - to offer buyers the benefits of Auto Park Assist.

The successful application of this complex technology to a range of different body styles reflects great credit on the skills of the specialist Holden engineering teams responsible.


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