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Review - Holden Colorado LTZ Crew Cab - Page 2

colorado3The 6spd auto impressed me its perfectly matched to the engine and always seemed to pick the right gear for situation the active select function works great and makes it damn easy for you to pick the gear you want at any time.

Inside the Colorado has heaps of room as well as plenty of storage spots, the dash is well set out I find the Camaro inspired instruments with ice blue lighting rather easy to read, there is a display screen between the dials that displays various other functions of the car including transmission temp which is very important for 4wding and towing.

The rest of the dash remind you it's truck designed for work first and play second while im sure the materials used a re very hard wearing which is what you want in a work truck, there not much in the way of luxury for you to use it as a family car as well.

The arm rests on the doors and the console big lid are made of hard plastic which means if you hit a bump while resting your arm on the door armrest it can hurt.The centre is taken up by the rather large round control for the climate air conditioning which I think is a touch too much for my liking I think it the whole thing could be set out better with standard controls you see in other vehicles. Plus at night it's a huge pain in the butt as the temp dial reflects off off the back window so every time you look in the revision mirror so see the aircon control.

Being that this was the top of range LTZ model I would have liked it to be bit more equipted and a bit more user friendly given that I see it the top range models doing more family duties then being just kept to the work site.

The stereo system is pretty much the same as what you get in the base model it has blue tooth connectivity, USB input with iPod connectivity, two 12v power outlets, the sound is not too bad but the speakers in front doors did distort a bit when any song with modest base was played even at rather sedate sound levels it was quite annoying at times.

Not sat nav or colour screen really made the centre stack look a bit low rent for being the top of the range model which was a little disappointing for me other people might like the set up more then i did and find it more appealing then I did.

colorado7The seats were rather comfortable for a truck seat although after several hours of driving around bumpy dirt roads my back side needed a break and a walk around. Considering you should stop and get out every couple of hours when on a long trip anyway I don't see the seats as a problem while touring like a said they comfortable. The back seats are comfortable as there's a very good amount of leg room

It's on road handling is where i wasn't totally impressed you can tell this truck was built to carry and tow a big load as it's rather stiffly sprung and yes it means you feel the bumps on the road. It never feels unsettled but you do bounce around a little bit in it.


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