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Review - Holden Colorado LTZ Crew Cab

colorado1There have been lots of talk lately about how the popularity of crew cab trucks are on the rise and that people are buying them as they double as a work truck during the day but can double as a family car on the weekend.

So when Holden gave me the keys to a Colorado LTZ crew cab I was really interested in seeing how good it be as a family car.

We all know the Colorado's credentials as a work truck with a sizable tray and a massive 3500kg towing capacity makes it a perfect fit for the work site.

That towing capacity also makes it a perfect fit for families on the weekend specially those who have the need to tow thing like the boat, caravan, jets ski, dirt bike, race car etc.

On the outside it looks big I quite like what Holden has done with the looks of the new model Colorado, had quite a few comments during the week I had it all of them positive seems everybody I talked to loved the look of it.

It's got that I'm a big tough truck look to it and i think it really looks great in this colour Sizzle which is a bright metallic red, being the top of the range LTZ model it's equip with several features including 17" alloy wheels, fog lights, LED tail lights, projector head lights, alloy sports bar side steps, various chrome finishings that set this apart from lower models in the range this truck was also equipped with a locking hard tonneau cover.colorado2

Under the bonnet the Colorado is powered by GM's new duramax 2.8L turbo diesel developing 132kw @ 3,800 rpm and a whooping 470nm of torque @ 2,000 rpm.

Start it up and sounds like a diesel truck my mate described it as a mechanic trapped in the engine trying to get out, it's not as quiet and refined as the diesel engines in its Holden stable mates the Cruze and Captiva but I never really expected it to be either.

This engine really means business it's a little slow off the mark although not as bad as you would like for something this size but once you get a handful of rev's on board and it really wants to go. The big torque figures are really what i am talking about and lsing a load behind it or in the tray and it doesn't really faze this truck at all. Point it at a hill and this truck wants to keep going I never had an issue at all even on the steepest hills I drove it up.

Being diesel this truck is rather good on fuel I averaged 11.2 km over the week which was a mix of bumper to bumper traffic, light traffic, highway and very slow driving down many km's of dirt roads. I managed to do 480 km over the week and the trip computer said I still had 210km to go before empty that's damn close to 700km out of a tank something other people should be able to better by heaps which gives this truck decent range for touring.


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