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Review - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Select CDTI - Page 5

The difference between the diesel and petrol models is the diesel is fitted with electric power steering while I thought the steering was pretty good it just didn't feel like had as much feel to me as normal mechanical power steer although I will say haven't driven the petrol version so I can't give a direct comparison.

insignia11Back to the problems I mentioned in the beginning I will say I though that this particular car seems to have had a rough life. Scratches on the interior gutter rash on the rear left wheel and a mark on the tyre from somebody reversing into a gutter. It appeared others that have driven this car before me haven't treated this car as well as I have. Maybe that's just me I know it's press car that we get so we put it through it's paces and write our opinions on it but sorry I can't take a car and trash it just to write a review I treat all the cars i get to review like they are my own, it's not only about respecting the people I get the car off but also respecting the car itself.

This car is not perfect by any means and despite having some plastic bits falling off and some stuff I didn't like, I couldn't bring myself to hate this car. In fact it's quite the opposite I really did like it, the Insignia Sports Tourer diesel would make a great family car that can be a very entertaining drive with a bonus of being frugal as well.

The engine and transmission combination is awesome it handled like a dream specially when being pushed through corners it can be a be fun to drive as well. To me the only thing letting it down were little bits of the interior that fell off and the fact rear leg room could be a touch better.

I will say though that while I thought it could it have had more legroom other people might find it perfect for them.

Same could be said for the seats I'm not actually the smallest person in the world so somebody whose shoulders not as big as mine might fit the seats better.

I would definately say if you were looking for a midsize car with a touch of class, loaded with features, great handling, awesome engine and transmission combination and packed with technology. With the huge bonus of extra load capacity of a wagon then you would be extremely silly not to at least have a look at the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer specially the diesel model.

Thank you Opel Australia for lending me the car for a week for more info on the Insignia Sports Tourer or other cars in Opel Australia's range please visit their website

[This blog \ review was published with aproval by Wayne Lancaster of 3 on the Tree, you can read more of Wayne's reviews at 3 on the Tree]

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