Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Review - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Select CDTI - Page 4

Two people could sit in comfort in the back but 2 kids and a garden gnome(my mum) was little more snug but they weren't actually sitting on each other. The room in the back was very good we got a decent shopping load in there with room to spare and the that space only increases when you fold down the rear seats.

I did however find putting in the groceries a bit of a pain as I had to bend over more and a bit of a stretch with the way the bumper comes out at the back. That also could be me being use to loading up the Captiva, what a lot of people including me found puzzling was another set of tail lights inside the back of the car that lit up when the tail gate was up took us ages to work out it was so people can see the car at night when you have the tail gate up as the tail lights are on the tail gate.

Ok now time for the thing I had the most trouble with this car and that's reverse parking, the rear window is not that big and you have limited vision when parking this car really needs a reverse camera.

Those of you who are regular readers will know that I think rear view camera's should be standard on every car and I do take points off every car I review with out them. While they aren't the be all to end all in safety devices they do help.

It did have rear parking sensors but apparently the only decent rear parking system GM has made is the one in my Captiva what I mean by that is the beeps on my Captiva are nice and loud and you can hear them easily even with the stereo on. Every other GM car including this one that I've tested with rear parking sensors the beeps are that low you can hardly hear them even with the stereo off and this car is no exception please turn them up a little bit.

insignia10The lighting system is unreal and only 2nd to engine and transmission combo as my fav things about the car being the select it has what Opel calls Adaptive Forward Lighting Plus (AFL+) bascially the bi-xenon headlights automatically changes the beam of the lights depending on what speed you are doing, the conditions and it has side lights that light up the sides of the road while going around a corner making it easier to see pedestrians. This system is one of the most advanced systems in the mid size car segment and has won an Advanced Award from the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP)

The rain sensing wipers worked a treat actually adjusting the speed of the wipers with the amount rain that was coming down and the speed I was going.

On the road the Insignia handles quite well indeed there is touch of under steer when you go into a corner a bit fast like some bum draggers do but I found all it took was touch of the brakes or a slight life of the foot and brought the nose back into line and we were back into it. This is where I had the most fun as the engine was right in the middle of the torque band.

It can be a little harsh across some rough surfaces but not enough to be off putting for me, in fact if the harshness was the trade off for it having handle as good as it does I would be happy with that.


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