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Review - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Select CDTI - Page 3

All in all I really loved the set out and feel of the interior I think Opel have done a tremendous job on it the fit of the interior pieces seemed to be spot on as well.

insignia6The centre stack while it looks a little confronting at first with all the buttons, it doesn't take long to work everything out.

The Screen is decent size but it isn't touch screen everything can be access by using a knob in the centre console. The system is not very complicated to use but to put it bluntly it's a pain in the bum, I found the touch screen in my Captiva and the 2 Commodores I tested earlier so much more easier to use specially when putting an address into the sat nav. The saving grace though is the sound from the system is damn good indeed probably one of the best sounding systems I've heard. At the bottom of the centre stack is a little door that reveals a 12v charging point and a cradle for your phone to sit which did like a lot.

The console is a perfect fit for the car and contains the knob for the infosystem and the button for the electric parking brake.

insignia8One thing I am going to mark as a fail is the chrome surround around the gear shift I had to spend the week with a towel of over it as on certain angles it reflects the sun straight into the driver's face, passengers face or both I found it highly annoying and very distracting if I owned the car first thing I would do is pull it out and get it covered in matt black vinyl or carbon fibre wrap.

The instruments are well set out and easy to read in between the dials is a red screen which contains a digital speedo and other functions which can be accessed be the stalk at night they softly lit very easy to read and very easy on the eye's.

Being an Opel and made in Germany the indicators are on the left hand side which are confusing to people use to them being on the right, since I have an old Astra at home I'm use to it.

insignia9Onto the seats which have provided lots of comments during the week not all of them good, The front seats are ergonomic sports seat which are approved and recommended by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.), a German medical association that has set orthopaedic requirements for car seats. The seats adjust 8 ways with 4-way pneumatic lumbar support so there are plenty of ways to adjust them however I found them a little snug and a little hard. However they were very supportive specially when cornering but them would have been a lot more comfortable if they had of been a touch wider. Couple of good points were they had an extension on the squab of the front seats which can extended for people with longer legs. One thing that proved to be a favourite feature of the front seats was the ventilation where it the seat blows cold air in winter the seats have heating. Everybody that went in the car wanted to sit in the front so they could as my sister put it "have cold air blown up your bum". I Really loved it specially on a hot day as it made the leather seats more bearable to live with as the seats cooled down really quickly.

The rear seat I found a little hard and my kids thought it was no where near as comfortable compared to other cars I've tested. One thing that most complained about in the back was a lack of leg room even my dear old mum who's not much taller then a garden gnome thought it was lacking space. Could be that they are use to bigger cars though as I thought it was ok but would have been more comfortable with a couple more inches. When I did sit behind the drivers my knees didn't touch the seat even though I have it back a bit but there wasn't much in it. Taller people may have a bit more trouble though.


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