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Review - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Select CDTI - Page 2

The sport shift works perfectly always changing when I asked it too it added more fun to the drive when I was banging along my test route.

insignia4The Insignia I'm reviewing is powered by 2.0L Turbo Diesel Engine rated at 118 kw of power and 350 nm of torque but it can develop 380 nm in over boost and what a cracker of an engine it is Opel has done some great work their diesel engines and this car is no exception.

Start it up and there is that familiar diesel noise mind you it's that loud though just enough to let you know it's an oil burner.

Developing its max torque low down in the rev range is the thing I like the most about modern diesel engines and while it can be a little slow off the mark like a lot of other diesel engines. But once you start to build the rev's up a bit usually just after changing into 2nd the car surges and really just wants to take off.

Fuel economy is awesome remember this not a small car but the economy I was getting around town was unbelievable considering I gave it bootfuls any time I had the chance.

insignia5I know my fuel figures could have been a lot better for the week but the torque of the engine can be quite intoxicating specially using the sport shift to keep it in the torque band so realistically if I was driving it normally or even with economy in mind I estimate I would at least 800 km's or more from the tank maybe a bit more and on the freeway you should get at least 1000 km or more out of the tank. The diesel engine lets you have your cake and eat it too, it can be a sporty drive but on the other hand offer you superb fuel economy as well.

The car has two trip metres I reset one to record my figures for the week and over the week I did 672 km averaging 9.3l/100 km at an ave speed of 31.4 km/h the computer said I still had 59 km to go before empty when I gave it back.

Mind you that was a combined figure of freeway, bumper to bumper traffic and normal city driving most it with the aircon set on 16 deg C.

Opel have done a great job on the exhaust system as well which just added to the experience to me while it can be quiet when driving normally and idling it gives off a some what rorty note when you push it a little harder.

On the inside the cabin is well set out the colours match perfectly with the rest of the interior there is a piano black line that starts on the doors and continues around the dash which breaks everything up and gives it a nice classy feel to it. The dash has a slight soft feel to it which nice I did find though that the harder plastics towards the bottom where very prone to scratching and there were plenty of marks to prove my thoughts.


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