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Review - Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Select CDTI

insignia1I'm going to start by dedicating this review to my Dad who passed away January 31st 2013 this one's for you Dad.

Those of you that regular readers would know about my Project Pimp My Astra, so you be already aware I am an Opel fan so to be honest I was excited to pick this car up as it was going to be first taste of the new Opel Offerings that were released in Australia by Opel last year.

While I would really like to drive the petrol version regular readers know what I think of modern diesel engines so you can imagine how excited I was to be reviewing the diesel Insignia Sport Tourer Select

Things did not start out to well as after i got 3 km down the road after picking it up a low coolant level warning light came up on the dash a quick phone call and it was back to the dealership to have it looked at where they found a short under the bonnet 30 min later and it's all fixed and I'm back on the road.

Get the car home and decide to give it a look over and find hmmm somebody had forgot to wash the car, the front and rear screens were grubby as well so I had to clean them.

Yes I know you are now thinking I am being extremely picky because Opel out of their good graces were giving me this car for a week to review, but every other car I've picked up to review has been freshly washed and spotless.

So for the first day I had this little voice in the back of my head saying dude this is going to be one of those reviews which is not going to turn out well.

insignia2So did the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Select put those voices to bed well I am happy to say it did, although they did come back for a few minutes when the plastic covering behind the rear vision mirror and the surround that goes around the rear air vents on the back of the console decided they would better on the floor of the car instead of being attached to it.

So my first impressions were I really liked the look of the Insignia it's nice flowing lines, the sculpted line down the side, the slightly lowered stance, attractive 19inch alloys wrapped in good year F1 rubber that are not over the top but are also not boring as hell that compliment the overall look of the car.

The Colour Asteroid Grey I am not sure about though I didn't find it exciting at in fact I found it quite boring mind you I am not a big fan of greys at all.

Put it into gear and drive off and it impressed me with how smooth it is, the gear changes are seem less and it's an absolute dream to drive in traffic. The transmission seems to be well matched to the engine and 99.9% of the time chooses the right gear only once or twice it was a little slow in kicking down when I put my foot down.


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