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singaporeIt's been a while since our last blog and what better way to break the drought than to blog from the Singaporean Formula One race.

As the only night race on the Formula One calendar and only an eight hour flight from Brisbane we thought we would head over and check it out.

Well I'm currently sitting in the grandstand at turn one the sun has just gone down. Singapore at night looks amazing and the race circuit is no exception under lights.

If you have ever been to a formula one race you would know how loud these cars are. The sounds echo through the buildings making the atmosphere so much more special.

The cars are hard under brakes into the turn at the end of the main strait then a quick blip of the throttle into two and again on the brakes for the left hand turn three. Each car is only in view for 5 seconds but with the field spread out and three big tv screens in front of me there is plenty to see.

This track has some great highlights such as free access to the Singapore flyer, the worlds highest observation wheel. The view over the track at night is simply amazing. If your sitting in the bay grandstand you have one of the worlds best views. Looking out over the bay you have the Marina Bay Sands Hotel on the left and the city and Merlion in front and to the right.

singapore1I decided to purchase a three day grandstand pass so I get to sit in a grandstand at the end of the main strait on Friday for the first and second practice sessions. Then the Padang grandstand on the back strait for Saturdays practice session and qualifying and the bay stand for the race. This ticketing arrangement allows access to the different zones over the race weekend so you can checkout all the various entertainment and track action. The lineup at this event includes the Proclaimers, Bananarama, Maroon5 and Katty Perry.

As with most events you don't need to buy a grandstand seat to see the event. There are walkabout passes and even with these the access to see the on track action is very good. What really surprised me is that many of the great corners are not blocked off to pedestrian access, so you can actually watch the cars through the turns unlike some Australian street circuits.

What makes the night race so good is the fact that you can explore Singapore during the day and watch the racing at night. Getting around is easy using he MRT (train) the only odd thing that may catch you out is the fact that most things don't open till 10am. If you're planning to hit the town early you will be walking around empty streets, even the MRT ticket office only opens at 10am so if you plan to travel make sure you have planned ahead or you will be sitting at he station waiting to buy a ticket.

If you are ever considering attending a formula one race I was highly recommend the Singapore race. It's within easy reach of Australia and the airfares are reasonable, there is plenty to see both on and off the track, and the climate is balmy.

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